Support of the Agriculture Development Master Plan for the Nacala Corridor, in Mozambique

Objective of the project

To formulate an agriculture development Master Plan which contributes to social and economic development by engaging private investment to promote sustainable production systems and poverty reduction in the Nacala Corridor Region.

Study Area

The project covers 19 districts: Monapo, Muecate, Meconta, Nampula, Mogovolas, Murrupula, Mecubúre, Ribáuè, Lalaua and Malema, in the Nampula Province. Cuamba, Mecanhelas, Madimba, Ngauma, Lichinga, Majune and Sanga, in the Niassa Province. Gurué and Alto Molócuè, in the Zambézia Province.


March 2012 to the First Quarter of 2014

Implementing institutions:

  Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

Rua da Resistência 1746, Caixa Postal 1406, Maputo, Moçambique

Tel: +258 21

The Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) is responsible for allocating necessary staff, for facilitating smooth implementation of ProSAVANA-PD, and for providing necessary facilities to Japanese and Brazilian experts.


Established and Incorporated as Administrative Agency under the Act No. 136, 2002, JICA aims to contribute to the promotion of international cooperation as well as the sound development of Japanese and global economy by supporting the socioeconomic development, recovery or economic stability of developing regions.

JICA appointed a joint venture of Japanese consulting firms: Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd. (representative), NTC International Co., Ltd. and Task Co., Ltd. The Japanese technical institutions works jointly with Mozambican and Brazilian counterparts for preparing technical documents listed in the Triangular Agreement of the project.

The Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) was established in 1987 within the structure of the Ministry of External Relations (MRE) of Brazil. ABC has the task to negotiate, coordinate, implement and monitor the Brazilian technical cooperation program and projects, carried out based on the agreements established by Brazil with other countries and internationals organisms.

To perform its mission, ABC is guided by the foreign policy of MRE and by the national development priorities, defined in the sectorial programs and plans of the Government of the partner’s countries. In the framework of ProSAVANA-PD, ABC coordinates the activities and enrollment of resources for the formulation of the Master Plan.

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