Who we are

ProSAVANA Coordination Unit 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security of Mozambique (MASA) is the responsible institution for this website, which is managed by ProSAVANA Co-ordination Unit.

For the effective operation of ProSAVANA, the co-ordinating institutions (MASA, JICA and ABC) agreed on the establishment of a ProSAVANA administrative coordination unit in Maputo, namely ProSAVANA-HQ with the following functions:

1. Act as communication centre with the coordinating and implementing institutions of ProSAVANA.

2. Ensure the linkage of the Programme with the directorates of MASA.

3. Promote dialogue with other Ministries and agencies related to the Programme.

4. Support the planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of the Programme.

5. Work as a focal point with the private sector, civil society and academics interested in information, dialogue and developing activities under ProSAVANA framework.

6. Prepare and implement the Joint Coordinating Committee.

7. Prepare recommendations for any necessary rearrangements in the implementation of the Programme.

8. Implement and co-ordinate social communication and public relations activities.

9. Pro

mote ProSAVANA and enhance synergies among development partners for the Nacala Corridor agricultural development.